Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Wishes..

Sometimes I think if I was a bird
Then I can fly far away
With my little wings....

Sometimes I wish if I was a river
Then I can flow across the valleys
And can join to the sea...

Sometimes I think if I was a star
Then I can shine whole night
And moon will stay with me

Oh...!!!Shit.. !!
Why did I forgot these....

I can't fly far away
'Coz my little wings
Getting tired..

I can't join to the sea
'Coz my journey
Will be end forever..

I do't want to be a star
'Coz it doesn't shine
During day time and moon
Never stay with me whole day

Oh...!!! why is that..
I want to be a person
Who is useful, important
During whole life time..

How can I do it... ???


  1. It could be the most important secret most of people dont know it... untill the end of their lives...

  2. Like this poem … sooo.. much
    Don’t try to do more than your scope..
    I hurt people who try to highlight more than they do

    Nice idea once again likes it

    1. thanx mee...

      i never want to do so.. i'm a girl who is always happy about what i had got.. and it's just a thought..

      Anyway once again thanx a lot..

  3. Nice Post! Cheerz!

  4. wow what a poem. every single living thing on the earth have a wish (a dream).

    1. thank you.. of course we all have wishes make them true is our duty..

  5. ඒක කරන්නම බැරි උනත් කමක් නැහැ , ඔයා එහෙම හිතනවනේ අඩුම තරමේ.. අන්තිමට මොකවත්ම නූනොත් හිත හදාගන්න මන් කියපු දේ මතක් කරන් .. ඒ වෙද්දී ඔයා ආච්චි කෙනෙක් හැබැයි .. මේ සීයත් කොහේ හරි ඉන්නැතෑ .. ආච්චිට සීයා මතක් උනා කියහන්කෝ එදාට ඈ ..

    1. හි,,,:) හි,,,:) හොඳමයි සීයේ එහෙමම කියන්නම්කෝ..:)