Friday, October 26, 2012

Answer me please..

Wish to be your's  forever 
 It was just a dream 
But ....
Every moment I dreamed.. 
Coz in real life I know 
I never get you back..

You embraced me 
Then we were in love 
It increased gradually 
Still I can remember 
How you kissed me 

You left me then..
She came to you
I saw you were happy 
With her 
Still I guess 
What's wrong with me 
Why did  you left me 
Answer me please..... 
Then I can forget you 

If not these memorise 
Always kill me....


  1. Don't waste ur time on the people from your past.Move on, Grow stronger.

    Pensieri carini.. :)

    1. hm.. of course.. i think i had already done it..

      Grazie ;)

  2. Touching !!! really sensitive poem!! bt, don't worry about past. past is past.. let it go

  3. Replies
    1. hm.. I think I had already done it. but memorise always hurt me aiya.. It never let me alone. by the way thanx a lot aiya..

  4. Be happy… u lost only some one who doesn’t love u.. If some gone out for a second let him go.. If u let him come back he will go forever one day

    Nice creation.. Congratulations !!!

    1. hm... hm.. i know it. i never let him to come back to my life..

      thanx a lot..:)

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  5. Sì mia cara, che è la natura dell'amore, sai ancora sto sognando quando andrò da questo mondo. Non ce la faccio piu '. dimenticare il mio italiano