Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dear Santa Claus...

Santa past years i got some valuable gifts for the Christmas.. But.. Santa this year i don't want any valuable colorful gifts.. I'm just asking one thing special to me.. Yeah,,!! you know how much it precious to me.. yes Santa this is ma fourth year that i'm going to celebrate Christmas without ma mom and bro.. i want to celebrate this year Christmas with them, with ma whole family members.. 
Santa and you know this is ma last year Christmas celebrating with ma family as a child.. from the next year  i'm belong to another family, at least this year i want to see the happiness, unity, of ma family. i just want to gather all these sweet, loveliest memorize in ma heart. it's enough what you gave to me but finally i beg you please make ma dream true. then it will be the most wonderful gift that i got ever. I hope you'll get ma latter.. please Santa reply  me soon.. 


  1. සැන්ටා එක්ක ගෑල්ලමයි වගයක් එන්න ඉන්නවා කියලා පිංතූරු වගයක් තිබුනා. ඒ ලමයි නම් හරි ලස්සනයි.

  2. කාලෙකින් සද්දයක් නැහැ වගේ

    1. ඕං ආයේ ආවා සද්ද දාන්න ;)